HR and design thinking expertise.

We combine design thinking and HR expertise to fast track you to solutions that will position you for the future.

Our approach in a nutshell.

We facilitate design thinking sprints to help you and your team solve HR challenges. Design thinking uses empathy, ideation and testing to find solutions centred around creating great employee experiences. There are three simple steps:




Define your opportunity based on a deeper understanding of employee needs.

Bring our HR expertise in and push past the obvious to get breakthrough ideas.

Build and test a series of simple prototypes to ensure a sound solution.



We help you move from being process focused to being employee experience focused. Great employee experiences create great customer experiences.” 


Sprints to fit your need.

Whether you simply want to spark some ideas or solve a complex challenge, we have a number of ways to support you.

Ideal for off-sites and strategy days for large groups to spark ideas and energise people around an opportunity for change. Read more >

Ideal for a broader team of up to 15 people to work towards solving a HR challenge in a way that builds a powerful group of advocates.  Read more >

Ideal for a diverse team of 4-6 people dedicated to the design, build and test a solution to the point where it is ready for executive sign-off. Read more >

You take the lead and we'll coach you as you go. We can advise you though each stage of design thinking process to set you up for success. Read more >



HRHack's founder, Jennifer Pangas has built award-winning HR programs that have been recognised as Australia’s best. She was recently acknowledged by HRD Magazine as leading one of the most Innovative teams in 2017, based on her work in the area of Leadership. She also brought Stockland's graduate program into the limelight as one of the top graduate employers rated by the Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE).


Trained in innovation at Stanford Business School she brings world-class expertise in design thinking combined with 17 years in consulting and corporate HR roles. Over this time she has worked in Europe and Asia Pacific in talent management, performance, branding, diversity, leadership, learning, culture and engagement.