October 3, 2018

You don't have to think outside of the box, if you don't create one. Over the last 6 months I have been running innovation workshops in out-of-the ordinary environments. I recently ran a design thinking day in a playground for adults, there was not a chair, table or flipchart in sight. I did this because science is telling us that that stepping in...

Design thinking goes by many names - human centred design, customer inspired design, user experience design to name a few.  My personal favourite, when applied to HR innovation is Employee Inspired Design. It’s a favourite as it signals a shift in mindset from ‘how do we get employees to perform’ to ‘how can we untap employee performance’. This article in...

As part of my study in Corporate Innovation at Stanford I recently spent a week with 300 fellow students on campus. As the home of leaders such as Carol Dweck, Jennifer Aaker and David Kelley, Stanford has a reputation for pioneering ideas which have transformed the world. However, what stood out during my visit was the school’s culture of humility. Wher...

January 8, 2018

The use of design thinking in HR is growing, and Australia Post are one of the larger Australian corporates leading the way. In response to ongoing industry disruption they have recently used deign thinking to renew their workforce transition program. This increased the support for employees to pro-actively progress their careers and build skills for the...

October 23, 2017

Being agile does mean being able to move quickly and easily. However, simply equating agility with speed has some inherent traps. This article offers leaders and HR tips on when and how to slow down to speed up.

September 30, 2017

Technology is changing the way HR works, however the debate around how and to what extent it will change, is a distraction from a more fundamental shift required in HR’s purpose.

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Example of a design thinking sprint.

A very simple introduction to design thinking. Watch a short working example of how IDEO redesign a shopping trolley. Here

Design thinking a critical HR capability

In their 2017 Human Capital Trends report Deloitte noted that High-performing companies are using design thinking to improve the employee experience, leading to purposeful, productive, meaningful work. Here.

Creating an Idea Meritocracy 

Ray Dalio, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Bridgewater credits his success to what he terms an “Idea Meritocracy” where the best ideas win regardless of where they come from. In this Ted.com clip he describes how he achieves that.

Why Hack?

Zuckerberg describes the Facebook's culture and explains 'The Hacker Way' here